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How to sell your house quickly?

16 Dec 2020

Selling your home quickly is always a good idea, no matter what the motivation. But how to do it? Here are some tips for quickly selling your home.

Do business with an experienced real estate broker

Hiring a successful real estate broker is the first step to take once you've made the decision to list your home. The broker serves as the primary point of contact for you and potential buyers by marketing your property.

Homes sold without a real estate broker usually cost thousands of dollars less than if they were sold by an experienced broker. The reason is that selling your home without a broker is risky, time consuming, and just plain hard work.

If you don't know what you're doing, you're exposing yourself to a huge disadvantage.

Judy Petterson Team, your local brokers since 2008. For any questions or for a FREE appraisal of your property, contact us!

Selling price and strategy

Listing your home for the highest possible price almost makes sense. Buyers are sure to try and negotiate it anyway, right? Unfortunately, this is not how it works at all.

Often, buyers don't have the time or patience to select homes that will require negotiation. Listing your home above market value seems like a smart strategy to get the price you want, but it assumes buyers will make an offer that can then be negotiated.

If you list your home for a high price, buyers won't be interested.

The longer the house is on the market, the less valuable it becomes, so speed is key. As we often say in the real estate industry; the longer the house is on the market, the higher the likelihood of getting a lower offer.

Judy Petterson Team offers a free evaluation of your property and will use a personalized sale strategy to get you the best price once you list your property.

To make a good impression

When you sell a home, looks are everything. It is crucial to appeal to people's emotions.

To do this, we recommend the following:

  • Do a deep cleaning before putting your property for sale (windows, bathroom, kitchen, etc.)
  • Do small repairs (leaking faucet, burnt bulbs ...)
  • Ensure that the rooms are well lit (functional lights, open blinds, etc.)
  • Paint if necessary (dark color, very damaged wall ...)

These tips, along with decluttering and depersonalization, boost sales because they make your home look and feel 'like new'. Cleanliness and modernity will touch buyers where it counts; their eyes and their hearts.

If the house is vacant, you can hire a home staging professional. We have a few to recommend. Home staging takes a home from “ah” to “wow” overnight, and that's often enough to speed up the process of selling your home.

This small investment will pay off when you close the deal quickly.

Visibility is key!

People won't see the house, let alone buy it, if they aren't intrigued by your online ad. Today, the Internet is the engine of home sales, and you need to keep this in mind if you are to sell your home quickly.

With the Judy Petterson team we take care of the personalized marketing of each property that we put up for sale to maximize the visibility of your property to sell quickly. Our web platform ensures that your property is seen by potential buyers for your property. Our platform includes:



Centris.ca / Realtor.ca

Our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

And more!

We are also particularly vigilant on the quality of the photos of your home that we choose for the publications! Professional image quality of your home can end up making thousands of dollars more than if we used low-quality photographs. Typically, if buyers aren't impressed with the listing photos, they won't bother to visit.

Finally, do business with professionals

When it comes to selling your home quickly, cutting corners is not a good option. Hire a top real estate broker like Judy Petterson and her team. It won't be long before your home sells for an unbeatable price.




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