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Some tips to sell your property more easily


When you sell your property, potential buyers will visit and you will only have one opportunity to make a good impression with them. As real estate sales specialists in your area, we can give you many tips. Here are some of the tips that will help you when taking photos and during visits by potential buyers.

Make the exterior of your property impeccable

The exterior of your property is the very first thing visitors will see, so everything must be impeccable. A pleasant exterior encourages the potential buyer to visit the interior. For example, clean the yard, the entrance and have clean windows. Remove the carport if you are in the spring for example. If your property is landscaped, it needs to be neat, and in winter, keep photos on hand to help the visitors see the look of your layout in the summer.

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The interior of your property inviting, clean and appealing

For the interior, the most important thing is cleanliness. Do a great cleaning and if possible, get rid of objects that are too personal (family photos, trophies, etc.) so that your visitors can imagine their home more easily. They must feel comfortable to visit your home and give way to their imagination. Remove excess items and old furniture that obstructs passages. If necessary, painting again may be a good option. A newly repainted property is often more expensive. Favor colors that have light and bright tones. The quality of the floors is also important. Regardless of the type of floor, instead of changing it, clean them to give them a better appearance. Do not forget to repair, for example, leaky faucets, defective handles, drawers or doors that close tightly, etc. Change the light bulbs that do not light anymore and the electric plates that has yellowed with time. The majority of these small repairs are inexpensive and will have a positive impact for the future buyer.

Create a pleasant atmosphere for your visitors

It is important that your home is well lit during a visit of future buyers. Open the curtains during the day and illuminate with the lamps at night. If necessary, add lamps in dark places. Aerate well your home and avoid strong odors with spicy foods or incense.

How much is my property worth? How much can I sell it?


You could lose tens of thousands of dollars by making a bad assessment of the value of your property!

Many homeowners go on the Internet and look for property values in their area to assess the value of their property. But the asking prices are very different from the selling prices. Similar properties can be sold at very different price.

You have to look at your property in an objective manner as a buyer would and this is very difficult for a homeowner. A professional analysis done by us will compare the market and objectively analyze the selling prices (not the asking prices) in order to define the exact market value of your property.

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In addition, with, you are well protected

Doing business with our team of brokers assures you of being protected. The Real Estate Brokerage Act and various agencies govern the profession of real estate broker so that consumers are served fairly and competently. You are assured of being served by highly qualified and well-supervised professionals.

Self-regulatory organization of Quebec real estate brokerage

Created by the Real Estate Brokerage Act, the “Organisme d'autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec” (OACIQ) is tasked with protecting the public by supervising the practice of all real estate professionals. It is responsible for administering the examination leading to a certificate of practice and ensuring that brokers continue to operate in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations.

Professional liability insurance

The professional liability insurance to which real estate brokers must subscribe provides additional protection to consumers in the event non-intentional negligence, error or omission committed in the performance of the professional duties in a real estate transaction.

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