Buying a property in Quebec (Montreal) is possible, be well surrounded!

When searching for your property, there are several important steps to take to make a trusty purchase.

Choose an experienced real estate broker

With the Judy Petterson team, you will be well surrounded for the purchase of your property with their knowledge of the market in Montreal and the surrounding areas. Over 20 years of sales and customer service experience. The team is surrounded by professionals such as: Notary, lawyer (SUTTON SECUR), INSPECTOR, ACCOUNTANT AND SEVERAL CONTRACTORS. BENEFIT FROM THEIR EXPERTISE WITHOUT BROKERAGE FEES for the buyer.

Get a mortgage pre-approval

You must purchase a home that respects your budget and that will allow you to keep some leeway in order to face the downsides of life. To find out about your borrowing capacity, consult a mortgage broker who can give you the right advice. Your real estate broker from team will become your best ally. They will help you find THE house that suits your needs. They will also accompany you during each visit and fill out the purchase offer forms with you. Skilled negotiators, they will allow you to get your house at the best price.

The Judy Petterson team will be able to refer you the best person to guide you for your financing.

List of your search criteria and visits of your future property

Several search criteria are to be established when looking for your next property.

  • Location (Very important to walk around the area)
  • Type of property (house, condo, duplex, etc.)
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Finishes and renovations (are you manual or not?)
  • Parking (Do you have a car?)
  • Others (Metro stations, proximity to services, etc.)

Following the establishment of your criteria, we will suggest properties and send you the available documentation to consult before visiting.


Promise to purchase for the desired property

Following the visits, you find THE house for you, you will have the chance to make an offer. We will look at comparable properties to get an idea of the sold prices and for sale properties. We will be able to determine the conditions of the offer (price, delays, documents, inspection, deed of sale, etc.). We will represent your interests in order to get the best price. The Judy Petterson team will be there to support you from the beginning to the end.

Notary and signature

The day you officially become the owner is the day of the deed of sale. The notary will prepare the legal documents to sign for the purchase of your new property. Happy moving day! Welcome home!

Do you want to buy your property with confidence?
You are looking to purchase a house in Verdun, LaSalle or the surrounding areas in Montreal? Choose an efficient team that listens to your needs with

Buying a property for a newcomer / Non-permanent resident


Have you just immigrated to Canada and believe that buying a property is beyond your reach? Think again. It can be accessible through good planning and sound advice from real estate and mortgage brokers. A down payment of 5% is enough to access the property. However, mortgage loan insurance will be required from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). The amount of the premium to be paid will depend on the amount of the down payment. To be eligible for a mortgage, newcomers need sufficient savings and proof of stable employment, like a native Canadian. But they will also have to provide certain documents, which vary depending on the down payment.

For any questions regarding the purchasing process, please do not hesitate contact us!