Buy a property in Crawford Park

When we walk in the Crawford Park neighborhood in Verdun, we easily imagine being in a seductive small suburban North American town that we sometimes see in some movies. To locate it geographically, this area is surrounded by the aqueduct canal, the St. Lawrence River, the Douglas Hospital and the eastern boundary of the LaSalle borough. At the same time modest, with these charming red brick houses built in the forties, this district of Verdun also offers a very rich nature, large mature trees and two large parks. One of them borders the St. Lawrence River and allows residents to take full advantage of it. This quiet and relaxing neighborhood is without a doubt one of the best kept secrets of the island of Montreal.
15 minutes from downtown Montreal,
no traffic and no bridge to cross.

The advantages of buying a property in Crawford Park

A welcoming place and strong community connections
Just like new buyers, the vast majority of people who lives in this neighborhood usually do so for a long time. Thus, over time, a "neighborhood life" has been created where citizen involvement is very strong. There is even a Facebook group to share the issues and news of the neighborhood. For example, a great chore of spring cleaning of the shoreline is also organized every year. There is also the “des Coquelicots” Preschool and Elementary School, recently built at the intersection of Lloyd-George, Clemenceau and Churchill Streets. This includes a gymnasium, a multifunctional room, a daycare service and also a library.
The shoreline of the St. Lawrence River
Simply because of this, many will want to live in the neighborhood. There are very few places in Montreal where the river is offered as generously to its citizens. This beautiful park along the St. Lawrence River offers a bike path and walking trails to visitors. You can enjoy this proximity to the water to practice your favorite activities, have a picnic, a walk, a bike ride or in winter, a cross-country ski tour.
The Natatorium and direct access to the river
Just saying it, it's a treat! On the shoreline, this outdoor swimming palace inaugurated in 1940 was for a long time the largest outdoor pool in Quebec and even in Canada. It has a capacity of 1150 swimmers and has a heated paddling pool with a capacity of 250 children. Steps away, for the more adventurous, there are two floating docks that offer swimmers direct access to the river.
The outdoor dance floor
For dance lovers, located on the shores of the St. Lawrence, there is an outdoor dance floor that offers a variety of programs every day during the summer season such as social dancing, salsa, tango and Zumba. There are also shows and special events during the summer.
The Douglas Institute’s land, horticulture and sculpture garden
The world-renowned Douglas Institute was built in the 1890s on a vast green field where we now find beautiful century-old trees, sculpture and organic gardens. The land includes some twenty sculptures that the Douglas Institute is proud to share with the residents of the area. Take the time on a beautiful sunny Sunday to take a walk and admire amazing artwork. If you grow green, the Horticultural Society of Verdun provides gardeners and, at a modest cost, more than 180 organic gardens.
A (other) pretty country setting nearby
In addition to the two parks on the territory (Queen Elizabeth Park and Honorable George O'Reilly Park), there is on the other side of the Aqueduct Canal, accessible by a pedestrian bridge (Crawford St.), Angrignon Park, with its 97 hectares of greenery, winding trails and pond that regularly host summer hikers, cyclists and picnickers (BBQ). In winter, the park is perfect for cross-country skiers.
And Verdun in all this?
For those who do not know this, Verdun is one of the most pleasant and attractive boroughs in Montreal. Many restaurants and quality bars, terrace in the summer, an urban beach, the Jazz Festival... Informally, Verdun is considered one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world.
15 minutes from downtown Montreal
(and minutes from Wellington street))
Do you work in downtown Montreal?
Would you like to go by walking, to a night out in a delicious neighborhood restaurant?
It will only take a few minutes.
The residents of Crawford Park?
They are committed citizens who refuse to waste time in transportation without giving up their quality of life.
Anecdote about the history of the neighborhood
Originally, this neighborhood, which mainly single-family homes with large landscaped grounds, was predominantly English-speaking. Finished to be populated post World War II, the people of this district were, according to rumors, reluctant to give their property to francophones. Obviously, this has changed over time and today residents of the neighborhood, mostly francophone, know each other well and welcome the new residents with open arms.
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judy-petterson-real estate broker-verdun
Crawford Park, my neighbourhood!

There is no other neighborhood like this in the southwest of Montreal! From my experience, both personal and professional, I can say that this neighborhood is distinguished by its perfect mix of suburban, city and nature. Having lived at a young age in the neighborhood formerly known as the "Bronx", located at the end of the borough of LaSalle and near Crawford Park, I can say that I loved living there. My children were also fortunate enough to live there and to go to the Ste-Geneviève school where several children from the Crawford area were attending. At that time, everyone knew each other, neighborhood life was important to us, and fortunately it is still the case today.

For several years now, I live on Churchill Street, very close to the waterfront, I enjoy everyday life in my home and this beautiful neighborhood. Without saying that I would be there forever, I would like to stay there for a long time. Because I live and work in this area for over 11 years, it allows me to know all types of properties in the area and their history. This makes my job easier when it comes to helping my neighbors sell or buy a property with confidence. People often tell me just the way you talk about it, we want to live there!